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2Nine, whose real name is Pavel Antolík, is 20yrs old DJ/producer/remixer from Jeseník (Czech Republic). There he successfully graduated on local grammar school just to begin studying computer science on VUT (Brno,CZ). It could have been around his 16, when he first heard dnb. Soon he realized that just the listening isn't enough and so he started his very first tries in DJing, just with mouse and a desktop computer. That showed to be pretty much fun so he bought himself a midi controller M-Audio Xponent and a notebook. He got pretty lucky 'coz he was offerd to play in local Banket club, what was great experience for him and in fact, the start of his "career" (if it can be called that way) as a DJ. Also he got himself a Fruity Loops Studio and begun to play with different synthesizers, automation, samples, various effects, plugins etc. Only about a year later, his work is starting to show some results - his remix of Celldweller's "Afraid This Time" gets released on a remix compilation under Celldweller's label FiXT. You can listen to it using the player above this article, but it still sounds like shit. Nowadays he's raising money for proper studio equipment, which is not easy because of university he's studying. So in the meantime is 2Nine relentlessly improving his skills as a DJ. He is also one of the organizators of local popular party series called Big City Beatzz and he drops beats on other local occassional gigs, mostly in collaboration with guys from Xbass booking. Besides that is 2Nine working on development of new czech partylist klubovky.cz, making flyers and publicating articles on his (mostly dnb related) blog.
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missed opportunities 06:02 / 8.30MB / 192kbps / download
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bad trip 06:59 / 9.6MB / 192kbps / download
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the escape 05:58 / 8.21MB / 192kbps / download
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paradise lost
paradise lost 01:15:56 / 104MB / 192kbps / hide tracklist / download
01) Black Sun Empire - Space Bunny
02) Chook & Phace - Frozen
03) Skynet - Hydroflash
04) Black Sun Empire & Concord Dawn - Crime Side
05) Future Prophecies - Jack The Groove
06) Concord Dawn & Chris.SU - Scream to The Stars
07) Rawthang - Scorned
08) Miss Redflower - Here to Fly (Misha Remix)
09) State Of Mind - Sunking (Chris.SU Remix)
10) Bad Robot - Forever
11) Noisia & Black Sun Empire - Infusion
12) Break & Silent Witness - Trippy
13) Rregula - Shit's Dope
14) Noisia & Teebee - Moon Palace
15) State Of Mind - Without Light
16) Teebee & Future Prophecies - Subcrisis
17) Ed Rush & Optical - Puerto Rico
18) Gridlok feat. MC Dino - Watching Us
19) Makai - Beneath The Mask

czech vs slovakia in the mix vol. 5
czech vs slovakia in the mix vol. 5 00:53:21 / 73.1MB / 192kbps / show tracklist / download